Midnight Grand & Woodchester Piano comparison

Midnight Grand and Woodchester Piano are stand-alone instruments with their own distinctive sound. Midnight Grand is not a replacement or ‘upgrade’ to Woodchester Piano, more-so a ‘companion’. Both pianos offer something unique to your music, and both will continue to be a welcome addition to any composer’s piano collection.



We believe that overly complex user interfaces are a barrier to creativity, and that true inspiration happens when there is as little friction as possible between you and your music. Following this ethos, we have designed both libraries with the same easy-to-use interface layout, so you only need to learn it once. Because of this, both pianos may appear quite similar on the surface. To help you compare the features and characteristics of each, we have outlined the main differences below.


Woodchester PianoMidnight Grand
Type of pianoWilh Steinberg upright piano.Steinway D concert grand piano.
Recording environment and sonic characterRecorded in a medium sized room with microphones placed close to the strings, for a dry and intimate sound.Recorded in a large concert hall with a spacious, yet controlled, ambience. Captured with a blend of close and distant microphones for a well rounded mix - not too wet, not too dry.
PreparationA layer of felt between the hammers and strings for a beautiful warm & soft tone.A layer of cotton between the hammers and strings - still producing a delicate tone, but thinner than felt for a more present and less muffled sound.
Release samplesAdjustable key/hammer release noise.Adjustable key/hammer release noise, as well as true damper resonance and hall tail samples, smartly triggered under-the-hood based on how long the note is held.
Additional noiseAdjustable 'Pianist Noise', for adding realistic wood creaks and body movements.Adjustable 'Room Tone', capturing the real sound of the hall itself - air moving, creaks and clicks.
Sample content2.2GB sample pool - NCW compressed to 1.1GB download size. Kind on resources, without compromising the sound. 6.6GB sample pool - NCW compressed to 3.3GB download size. Sampled in greater detail - more velocities, more round robins, additional release samples.
Sum up the piano in three wordsCosy, intimate, homey.Rich, cinematic, dark.